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1.     Can I customize the colours available in Advanced Dashboard?

You can choose between two colour themes: classic (black text on white background) and modern (white text on black background). To change the colour theme, select Settings in the upper right corner of the Advanced Dashboard window.

2.     Advanced Dashboard is timing me out after a short time. How do I extend the length of my session?

The session time-out feature in Advanced Dashboard works the same as your WebBroker time-out settings. In WebBroker, you can customize your time-out period by selecting Preferences on the top navigation bar. Then scroll to the bottom of the page to the Session Timeout feature. By actively using Advanced Dashboard, your WebBroker session will remain active.

3.     Can I change the font size of the components?

Yes, the font size of each component can be customized by clicking the menu icon inside any component and selecting Font Size.

4.     Can I undock or detach components from the main Advanced Dashboard window?

Advanced Dashboard lets you detach components from your own customized views. To undock a component, simply right-click on the component title and select Undock copy.

5.     Can I view pre-market and after-hours activity on Charts?

Charts provide market data from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. ET on days when the markets are open. To view pre-market and after-hours data, please access quotes in your Watch List or use the Quote Detail feature.

6.     How do I view Mini-Options within an option chain?

Mini-Options for securities display within the option chain as a Non-Standard option with a 10 share deliverable.

7.     What types of securities can I get quotes for with Advanced Dashboard?

Advanced Dashboard offers market data for Common Stock equities, ETFs, Units, ADRs, Classes, Preferred, Rights, Warrants, Indices and Options.

Quotes and data for Fixed Income products, Mutual Funds, and Convertible Debentures are not available through Advanced Dashboard. However, you can get quotes and place orders for these investment choices in WebBroker.

8.  What is the “Mark” price?

The Mark price is the mid-point between the Bid and Ask price. This may be useful to know for certain securities, such as options, that can have wide spreads between the Bid and Ask Price.