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Getting Around

Welcome to Advanced Dashboard, a service offering a powerful suite of tools, analytics and research designed to help you seize opportunities. With Advanced Dashboard, you can benefit from an intuitive trading interface featuring built-in layouts used widely by investors and take advantage of many customization features to support your unique strategy.

Top Navigation Pane:

Changing Colour Themes:

You can choose between two colour themes: classic (black text on white background) and modern (white text on black background).  To change the colour theme, select Settings in the upper right corner of the Advanced Dashboard window then choose the General Tab to display the colour theme dropdown box.


Save Workspace: Your trading layout will be automatically saved when you switch between layouts or when you close the Advanced Dashboard window.

Clear Workspace: On custom views, this deletes all components from the current workspace (only available in custom views).

Reload Workspace: Reverts workspaces to the previous saved state.

Reset Workspace: Restores Advanced Dashboard to its default state.

Component Controls:


Component Link Mode:

Each component can have its behaviour configured for broadcasting/receiving symbols to/from other components in the active tab. When clicking or entering a symbol anywhere in Advanced Dashboard, the symbol is broadcast to the selected channels. Any component listening on that channel will change its symbol to the new symbol.

Example: The Heat Map component on the Today tab is set to broadcast symbols to Channel 1 (Blue). The Chart and Quote Detail components on the Today tab are set to receive symbols from Channel 1 (Blue). When clicking a symbol on the Heat Map in the Today tab, the symbol will be populated into the Chart and Quote Detail components.

Undocking Components:

On any trading view, you can undock (i.e., detach) components to their own separate window by right-clicking on the component label and selecting Undock copy.

Getting Around - 6 - Undocking Components

Optimize Column Width:

In various components like Alerts, Markets, Most Active, Option Chain, Option Screener, Stock Screener, and Watch List, you can automatically adjust the column width to the minimum required by right-clicking on the list and selecting Optimize Column Width.

Getting Around - 7 - Optimize Column Width